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Pulse SF produces high caliber dance music events in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our productions offer world class electronic music acts and visual artists who create immersive, innovative atmospheres. We showcase the quality sounds of the underground, attracting a diverse and dedicated audience. Pulse SF has received global acclaim for our professionalism, leadership, and ingenuity in dance music event production, as we continually raise the bar of creating exceptional experiences. At Pulse SF, we live by the motto, "Our intent is all for your delight."


Ace Ventura
"Pulse is an ensemble of love and I enjoyed every minute of playing for them, partying with them and hangin' in San Fran. Big up !"

Bird of Prey
"Honestly, I feel Pulse SF is breathing much needed new life into the Bay Area psytrance community, working to bridge the gap between various scenes and genres. That's something I appreciate very much having began my journey in that area. Everyone involved is passionate and classy!"

The Pulse SF crew should be very proud of keeping the scene alive and for giving people such professional and wonderful events. Respect !

"Pulse SF was a really fantastic party with high regard to production and audio / visual performance, I look forward to experience it again in the future."

"Absolutely loved my time at Pulse SF! Really intimate atmosphere, super-conscious people and impeccable stage production. I would return in a heart-beat."

OM or AUM is a sound that is considered the original primordial creative expression, from which the universe manifested itself. It is said to be the sound that contains all the vibrations & soundscapes.
We live in a Digital Era, which is our present, it is also the way of our future. All technology works on digital encoding, signalling & programmes. Psychedelic music is also made using softwares, digital programs & hardwares that work on digital signals. Both these things together make up Digital Om, the primordial sound of the future.

In our journey we have released numerous top selling Albums, EP's and VA's and managed and organised successful tours, parties & festivals with the top most artists of the world. We are also the force behind a one of its kind gathering – UNIVERSAL RELIGION FESTIVAL which is now a renowned festival that takes place in Nepal amidst the gorgeous Himalayan ranges as it’s backdrop. Mountain Madness festival and parties have been exceptional gatherings for cosmic-driven, spiritually enlightened beings in search of a common heightened dance floor experience.

We hope through our productions we’re able to create a supersonic journey to explore untouched boundaries sharing the passion of dance, music and the amazing flight it takes us all to. Through this we wish to promote the misunderstood genre of psychedelic music. To bring to the forefront the realisation that it is about the music, the awe-inspiring culture that follows the splendid melodies and universal respect for individuality. We hope to create a window for all to see the permanent impact of love and unity it leaves on all who experience it..


RUNE recordings is the first Ukrainian image digital label, working in such styles of electronic music as psy-, nuskool-, atmospheric & progressive breaks.


◉ The main goal of label is releasing of high quality music and satisfying the tastes of the Listeners.The label sticks to modern trends of breaks music and also wants to give the style their recognizable accent.◉ Idea and concept of RUNE are in the profound sound of breaks, immersing the human consciousness into a temporary relaxation with a subsequent activation of the mood.That is the reason why the label makes its releases in pairs: one is light, pleasant in sound atmospheric & progressive breaks; the other is refreshing and more agressive «stuff» - nuskool & psy-breaks.◉ The RUNE team has the lable staff and also musicians and remixers.• The owner of the label and the ideologist of label is Alexander Zhikharev aka Parallax Breakz;• CEO / A&R / Label manager – Dima Pavlenko;While further evolving RUNE will optimize the staff by enlarging it and distributing the functions among the professionals in the field. That will enable the label to work more efficiently and to not only develop the musical product itself, but also to help growing the Artist creating it.

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