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New mix!


Hi friends! I have a new mix up. Please enjoy!

Per ardua ad astra, a Latin phrase meaning "through struggle to the stars." Figured it was apropos in this day and age. Although the road may be rough, may we continue to reach for the stars...

<3 Khromata <3 [Pulse SF/Digital Om/Luminus Music]

:::: Ad Astra Tracklist :::: 1. Liquid Soul - Synthetic Vibes (Sonic Entity Remix) [Forthcoming on Digital Om Productions] 2. Vertical Mode - Groove Reaction (Animato Remix) [HOMmega Proudctions] 3. Ticon & Zyce - Patchwork [Iboga Records] 4. Atmos - Soundglider (Yestermorrow Rmx)[Iono Music] 5. Unreleased 6. Tristan, Avalon, Vini Vici - Colors [Iboga Records] 7. Liquid Soul, Vini Vici - Universe Inside Me [Iboga Records] 8. Future Frequency - Shut Your Eyes [Nano Records] 9. Sonic Species, Vertical Mode - Enigma [HOMmega] 10. Makida - Del Toro [24/7 Records] 11. Outsiders - Spiral of Colors [Sacred Technology] 12. Artificials - Sequences [Nano records] 13. Laughing Buddha, Avalon - Wake & Bake [Nano Records]

booking @khromata

Khromata photo by Lara Schneider taken in Seattle, WA Khromata logo by Dean Kroh

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