Hi friends! I know I don't post in here as often as I should... I'm generally writing on social media. But I thought I'd pop in here and say hello! This year has been great so far! Lot's of fantastic gigs local, nationwide, and across the world. I checked my Gigatools, and these are my gigs since I started my Gigatools in Oct 2016. It's true I haven't kept track of gigs since my first gig in June of 2011; I wish I had! I have no idea how many gigs I've played. But, this is what I have on record and for future, more TBA, starting 8 months ago:

  1. Kharkiv Ukraine Nick and Sasha's Bday Party

  2. San Francisco California United States SuperHero Street Fair

  3. Seattle Washington United States Fractal Frydays

  4. San Francisco California United States TBA

  5. San Francisco California United States Psy Bloom feat. Astral Projection

  6. Copenhagen Denmark The Hologram Show After Party

  7. Tampa Florida United States Trancend: A Psychedelic Circus

  8. Panama Panama Tribal Gathering

  9. San Francisco California United States Acid Rain feat. GMS and Penta

  10. Oakland California United States A Fool's Delight w/Tongue & Groove, Hedflux, Perfect Stranger "APRIL 1st - A FOOLS DELIGHT!!

  11. Sacramento California United States Sunbeat 6 Rogue Alliance Day Party

  12. Sacramento California United States Turing Sound: Singularity feat. Khromata (Iboga Records, Pulse SF)

  13. San Diego California United States Psytribe Spring Frequency 2017 at La Jolla Indian Campground

  14. San Francisco California United States Khromata Nights!

  15. San Francisco California United States How Weird Street Faire DJs @ California Academy of Sciences

  16. San Francisco California United States How Weird Street Faire

  17. Las Vegas Nevada United States Eternal Beats presents Psybeernetics feat. Khromata

  18. Huntington Beach California United States Garden of Eden

  19. Driftpile, Alberta Canada Astral Harvest Season 10

  20. Antelope Oregon United States Oregon Eclipse 2017

  21. Northern California Location California United States Pulse Family Gathering '17

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