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DJ Lessons w/Khromata!
Become an amazing DJ!

I’m excited to start offering DJ lessons again, and I’m glad you’re here.

Welcome, because you are about to embark on your new rewarding hobby or potential career.

By being here, that means you're curious.

That means, that probably at some point in time, you've wondered to yourself, "I wonder what it would be like to be a DJ?" You continued to imagine what it would be like to throw a dancefloor into a frenzy, giving people the time of their lives.


But then you decided against it, because you had no idea where to start, and the dream stalled and was erased.


That was me some years ago. It took me almost a decade to step up to the plate because of fear, intimidation, self-doubt, and lack of support. But there was such a powerful, undeniable urge in me to spread my love of the music to everyone, that I could no longer resist. I finally gave in and I never looked back and started a journey that changed the direction of my entire life, -- for the better.


I decided to start tutoring DJing again to demystify DJing for those interested in learning and especially encouraging more women and underrepresented groups to get behind the decks but I am here to gladly teach any and all interested students from all walks of life.


So, why would you want to have DJ lessons, and how can they benefit you?


First of all, it's incredibly fun, and a whole new and deeper way to experience music beyond just listening or dancing to it, by mixing frequencies and manipulating sounds, creating a story, and sharing that with a dance floor full of enthusiastic dancers--there’s nothing else quite like it!

It can be quite frustrating at the beginning, and that's why I'm here to guide you and help you get through the initial difficulty and confusion that often turns many people away.


DJing can seem shrouded in mystery (what ARE they doing up there, anyway?), but I love to teach and share knowledge with those interested in learning, from anyone who simply wants to DJ their friend’s birthday party, stream shows on Twitch, or who has dreams of becoming a globe-trotting superstar DJ--I will gladly work with all of you and help bring you closer towards achieving your goals!


One-on-one lessons with me will significantly shorten the time it takes to learn the art of DJing than if you were to learn it on your own. 


I’ve been an avid fan of electronic music since I was young, and have been DJing for just about fourteen years now. Technical skills and music theory are as important to me as the art, passion, and creativity that comes with mixing. I’ve played opening sets for major artists in front of thousands of people, and have been a touring DJ and played at some of the most renowned festivals in the United States and across the world, including Electric Daisy Carnival, Ozora Festival, Lightning in a Bottle, Dreamstate, Noisily Festival, Tribal Gathering Oregon Eclipse, Antaris Project, Love & Light, and beyond. I love teaching and can’t wait to help fellow music lovers achieve their dreams of DJing, too!

Won’t you join me? 😊

My lessons with you are GOAL oriented. We aren't just practicing theory with no direction. Tell me what you goal is. We will work towards accomplishing your goal. I helped my students achieve their DJing goals (which is often getting their first gig), and that happened for all of them. If you put the work in with me, you'll reach you goals a lot faster than if you were doing it on your own.


I teach Pioneer CDJ format DJing using Rekordbox as an organizational tool, the club and festival industry standard. I am currently not teaching for Traktor or Serato at this time.  Courses are either beginner, intermediate, or intermediate/advanced. I also mentor if you're already a DJ or just learned how to DJ, and want mentorship from a professional for guidance to reach a higher level in your DJ career (networking, marketing, how to get gigs, how to build a fanbase, etc.)


So, are you ready to begin?


I offer a few different packages, some can be done long distance through zoom, others cannot (if you are an absolute beginner, I prefer not to start you through Zoom as I feel the first few lessons must be done in person first, so you have to have a little bit of knowledge before choosing the Zoom option).


Please contact me for a quick chat prior to beginning lessons to answer any questions and to assess where we should begin.

Testimonials from Former Students

Steven del Fierro (RIP)

I worked with Eileen last year. In 1 session she identified a major problem I had with beat matching & helped me with some important fundamentals that I should have been doing all along. Her reputation speaks for itself. She is a very concise & articulate teacher & you will feel immediately comfortable learning directly from her.


Eileen did an amazing work teaching my daughter (age 9) on a weekly basis and had an amazing positive influence on her. My daughter became much more involved in understanding music, rhythm, lyrics and overall became a true music enthusiast.

I feel that learning to DJ gave my daughter an amazing skill and passion for music that will stay with her for life – and I thank Eileen for that. 

Highly recommended!!"

Clayton R.

After a 2 hour session with Eileen I finally got a flow of mixing down( Timing) something i was struggling with for a long time...turns out i was completely off and basically wasting time.

Highly recommend...straight to the point teaching! Thanks Eileen i will consider more classes for sure.


Are you ready?? It's never too late, it's never too soon... please inquire about the tutoring packages I offer below!

Joon P.

Thanks for teaching me the basics you were very clear and you made me realize it’s never too late to learn!

It will be...





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